Meet My Nail Polish Collection

Hi Hi! 😀

Welcome to the first post of my blog!

First things first, meet my nail polish collection….(All from Collection 2000 Hot Looks brands £1.99 Superdrugs)

I will introduce you to them all one by one ;0)


Starting off with one of my favourite nail polishes….


Say hello to “Electric Dreams” 🙂Electric Dreams

This lovely bottle contains a really nice bright blue colour, I would call it Cyan I think.

Several people have been commenting on this and asking what nail polish it is, so it’ll definitely get you noticed! 

I would recommend this nail polish to almost everyone I know, as I have enjoyed wearing it all year long. There is something about this colour that makes you feel really good about yourself. Definite pick me up 😀

The thing I liked about this nail polish is that it dries quick and applies in one solid opaque coat.




Look at meAlways the attention seeker meet “Look At Me

Hmm, well this colour may not be for everyone but that’s what makes it so unique:D

This colour may be what you would call bogey or puke green hehe

For this nail polish one coat is enough, but it think it reaches it’s full potential in two coats of polish.

A down side is that it’s a touch watery.Be careful of applying too much and having it run down either side of your nail and settling where you would get hang nails :0( It can’t just be me it happens to..





Here comes the  “Shimmey Shake” shimmey shake

This is a gold glittery polish and it looks very pretty in the bottle and I’m afraid this picture just doesn’t do it justice.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a top coat nail polish or a regular one but I found a way to make it both 😀

One layer is just tiny bit much as it will hide more then you want of your base coat so I would suggest a carefully applied thin layer would do as a good top coat if you want to fancy up a solid colour nail polish.

However if you have got plenty of time it does look nice after 3-4 coats. The only thing that is very very important is to  just make sure you let it fully dry in between each coat. I’ve made that mistake before!!!



hip hopNow for “Hip Hop”

This is a fun bright orange colour which gives a nice pop of colour to any outfit.

Nothing like some thing cheery on those dull days, even if it is orange and not a colour everyone is brave enough to wear 😀

Again I would wear this all year as the funny thing about orange is that it seems like a summer and autumn colour.

What do you think?

This nail polish works in one coat but it looks so much better in two coats.





Time for the “Bongo Beat” Bongo beat

This is a tiny glitter shimmery bluey -green colour. For some reason this colour makes me think of the sea. In the past I have always worn this along side Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off. I think it works really well on alternate nails even though they say blue and green should never be seen!

This is good with two coats but one is enough. Definitely a fun pretty nail polish! You should try it out 😀





 MidnightIt is now coming up to “Midnight”

This colour was pretty unusual. The nail polish looked almost black in the bottle and in certain light a dark blue… but you want to know the real colour?

It’s a very dark green.

This is a very interesting colour but it is a bit watery for my liking and two coats look best with this even though one will kind of do.

Perfect for those who kinda like more black colours as this would look slightly different.





Always a “Show Off”Show off

This is tiny glitter shimmery dark blue colour which still stands out as quite a bright colour.

Do you want know something weird? this reminds me of foil!! hehe Blue foil nice no?

My special someone would call this colour an electric blue, this is his favourite nail polish on me so any blue lovers out there  it’s a definite hit ;0)

This nail polish dries quick and one coat of nail polish is pretty much enough to be opaque.



NinjaIs that a  “Ninja”

This is a dark green colour which is one of my favourite green colours to wear.

The colour reminds me of the jungle for some reason, you will see what I mean..

One coat is enough to be opaque for this one and it dries pretty quick too 😀

Think this colour looks best on the toes! ;0)



Well these are my favourites I have so far!

Please share your thoughts and your favourites with me :D:D

X x x


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