This Is How We Do My Nail Care

Ok I’m not that great with nail care but I figured I may as well tell you about what I do, to well do the nail care thing 😀 (Well mine any way!)


No idea if you would want to know this, but I have always kept my nails incredibly short. They aren’t particularly brittle or weak in any way, I just feel that my nails are too big for what most people would call short nails. But there are advantages, the nail polish doesn’t chip and you can be sure you won’t accidently scratch someone ;0)


Base Coat

Barry M Basecoat Topcoat and Nail HardenerOk first things first, before putting on nail polish I’ve always tried to use a base coat. I’ve been through so many brands tryna work out which one is the best to prevent yellow stains. This one seems to be doing ok. I also use this as a top coat. Very Shiney!!

The one I use is from Barry M its a Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener. I bought mine at Superdrugs for £2.99



I only wear nail polish for three days not because of chipping but just because I feel its not good to keep it on for too long.


Nail Polish RemoverCutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover 200ml

The nail polish remover I use is Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover. It has a nail whitening formula which I like and I figured moisture would be good ;0) I’ve tried a few nail polish removers out but I decided that this one was the best. It removes polish quite well even though it struggles with glitter polish. There is a way to over come though, if you hold the cotton pad on the nail for longer to let the liquid soak in a bit more before you wipe it away ,it will remove all polish. Always remember when removing polish to wipe from cuticle to tip of nail 😀

I bought this remover from Superdrugs for £2.15 for the bigger bottle

Poligrip Total Care Antibacterial 33 Tablets

Once the nails are clear of polish I always make sure to rinse my hands properly from the nail polish remover.


Nail Whitening thing?

I’ve tried lots of methods to try and remove yellow stains but this one seems to be working.

Poligrip Denture Cleansing Tablets Total Care 33 Pack is what I found on Ebay for £1.64. I only use this once a week after removing the nail polish.


My cuticles and even nail look quite dry after using the denture tablets.




Cuticle OilNail and Cuticle Oil

The only nail and cuticle oil I have ever used!! 😀 I actually received this as a gift set so have no idea how much this costs but on this website it costs £10

I like using this one, it does the job I rub it on the nails as well as the surrounding skin again once a week after removing nail polish and using my nail whitening method.


Well this is my nail care stuff I guess let me know your thoughts 😀



X x x



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