Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Polish Heavy Metal Collection In a Trance Review

Hi Hi! πŸ˜€

Today I thought I would bring out an old memory of a nail polish πŸ˜€

I’m deciding to do a review on my first ever Filthy Gorgeous London Nail Polish.

I remember seeing the Filthy Gorgeous Magnetic nail polish in the Metro newspaper and I really loved how it looked in the photo. I instantly went out to buy it. This is a nail polish that contains iron oxide pigments and when a magnet is placed over the nail polish it forms a pattern.

I bought my nail polish from Debenhams and I think it cost me around Β£8-9, bit expensive for a nail polish in my opinion.

If you wish to purchase this I have found a link where it is even on sale!!


See below πŸ˜€


First LookFilthy Gorgeous Magnetic Nail polish

I really like the look of this bottle, short and roundy. It comes with an additional lid that has the magnet on top of it. The lid also has the pattern the magnetic effect should make and a little plastic thingy that sticks out which I assume is so you don’t get to close to the nail when using the magnet.


The Nail Polish I tried

The nail polish I picked was Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Polish In a Trance. This is a dark greenFilthy Gorgeous London In a Trance nail polish but in some light looks a bit blue.


My Experience

When I have used this nail polish I realised there are ways to make a mistake. When I removed the excess and then applied the polish, it gave a very thin layer and dried very quickly, so when I put the magnet over, it didn’t do anything. I removed the nail polish and tried to put an extra gloopy layer and put the magnet over my nail and it turned it mostly black. It took me a couple of tries to get a just right layer for it to work. One good thing about this, is that it only needs one coat of polish to be opaque, two coats will give you a black nail with the magnet.


My ThoughtsFilthy Gorgeous London Magnetic In a Trance nails

I really liked the look of this nail polish when I got it right. In my view it does take a bit of practise and time. When I first tried out this polish I had to redo it so many times. Now it only takes two tries. I really like the formula and it does last a couple of days with out chips. It also reminds me of water waves πŸ˜€



I would give this nail polish a 7/10 I really like the colour and the effect of this nail polish but I think it does require a lot of time and I do think it is a bit expensive.

Share your thoughts! πŸ˜€

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