Nail Art I have Tried

Hi Hi!

I love trying out different nail art and have tried out the following. Just remember before starting the nail art I painted a base coat first on all of these manicures and a top coat after the nail art is dry 😀

To find these nail art designs look up MissJenFabulous and Cutepolish on Youtube as I am a subscriber to both channels and regularly watch their videos 😀

Definitely check them out.

tiger stripes

Tiger Print Manicure.

I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Hip Hop and L.A Colours Art Dec black glitter striper. This one is simple enough, paint your nails orange (I used two coats) then use the black striper starting the end of the brush in the middle of your nail then drag out towards the skin.

Strawberry ManicureStrawberry manicure

I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninga, Starlet and Sherbet Lemon. First start off painting your nails red (two coats), once dry use a nail tool such as a striper or dotting tool for the leafy part. I used a dotting tool from the green polish to make triangles come out from the cuticles and then I made longish dots with the nail polish to make the seeds.


puzzle manicure

Puzzle Manicure

I used Collection 2000 Hot looks Starlet, Ninga, Sherbet Lemon and Show off. First paint one half of your nail red and one half yellow. When its dry paint blue under the yellow nail polish so it looks like a quarter of the nail then the last quarter green. Once all the nail polish is dry get a large dotting tool and dot red on the yellow, yellow on the blue, blue on the green and finally a green dot on the red so it looks like its interlocking like a puzzle.




Rose Manicure

Rose manicure


I used Collection 2000 Manicure French White, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Look at me and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Hoola Hoop. Firs. paint your nail white (two coats), when it is dry take the pink nail polish with your dotting tool and slowly make a dabbing dragging motion into little “C’s” and curves like I have done in the photo. Then dab the dotting tool in the green nail polish using the same dabbing dragging motion to make little leaves coming off the roses.




Stripey Dot Manicure

stripey dot manicure

I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Starlet, Hiphop, Sherbet Lemon, Ninga, Electric Dreams, Candyfloss and L.A Colour Art Deco Black glitter striper. First paint each of your fingers a colour of the rainbow ( ;0) ) When the nail polish is dry use the black striper down the middle of the nail and then use a light pink colour and a dotting tool to create dots all down the nail in rows.

Share your thoughts on all of these and if you have any manicures that’s you’ve tried out please let me know 😀


X x x


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