My Nail Art: Mysterious Night

Mysterious nightHi Hi! 😀

I thought I would show you a random nail art that I decided to do.

This manicure is more of a dark one and even though you can’t quite see what has been done it still livens up an otherwise regular dark manicure. I really think this design is really simple and the slight differences can make it a little bit special if you are in to the more darker look and don’t want to go for the “classic” black manicure.

What you need:

base coat and top coat

dark nail polish that’s not black

black glitter nail polish or striper if you don’t have a striper then use what ever else you have

First step apply base coat. Mine is Barry M Base coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener.

Next step apply you dark polish to all nails. Mine is a very odd one that looks blue but is kind of a dark green and is almost black in colour, it is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Midnight.

Next step is to use your black glitter nail polish. Mine is a  striper called La Colours Art Deco Striper in Black Sparkles. For this part you just need to make stripes across the nail, as many as you can fit. Tip: to do this keep the striper still and rotate your finger.

The last step is to apply your top coat and make it all shiny:D

Share your thoughts! 😀

X x x


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