My Nail Art: Wedding Sari nails

Wedding sari nailsHey Hey! 😀

The name behind this manicure comes from an outfit I have worn to weddings in the past. It’s all glitzy and shiny and definitely a special occasion nail art design 😀

I think this could also work with different colours if you are really colour coordinated ;0)

What you need:

base coat and top coat

3 different colours preferably glitter ones

dotting tools

As always start off with your basecoat mine is Barry M Basecoat, Top  coat and Nail Hardener.

You should start off with your base colour and you should pick the lightest or thinnest colour for this. I chose a brown colour from the Flawless Nails collection I have. Paint the entire nail in this colour.

Once your first colour is dry it is time for the tricky part applying your second colour across the nail diagonally :O

The colour I have chosen is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen. The only thing I did was sweep my brush across my nails. Don’t worry bout getting any polish on your skin as that can be removed carefully with a cotton bud and nail polish remover. Tip: sweep your brush up on one nail and down on the other to make it look more complicated like I have in the photo.

One the nail polish is dry and you have cleaned the surrounding skin its now for your third colour and I have chosen Collection 2000 Shimmy Shake which is a gold glittery nail polish. For this one get out your dotting tools and create dots to join the two colours. For this design you don’t need to leave gaps, keep the dots as close together so it almost looks like a bumpy line.

Last step as always apply your top coat :D:D

Share your thoughts on this manicure.

X x x


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