Maybelline Colour Show Wine Shimmer Review

Hi Hi! 😀

I have never had a Maybelline Nail Polish before so I decided to do a review for you.

I got this nail polish as a gift awhile ago and I think its a very pretty glittery nail polish, I have even got compliments when I have been wearing it.

First Look

I really like the look  of the Colour Show Collection, the nice clear bottle shows the nail polish of Maybelline Color Show Wine Shimmerclearly showing off the glitter inside. The long round lid seems like it may be a little bit awkward in applying as I prefer the shorter lids.


The Nail Polish I tried

The nail polish I have tried is called Wine Shimmer. Its a reddish-pinkish colour, maybe what you would call a raspberry shade. It also contains very tiny mirror like glitters. I think these sorts of glitters are best as they are in every application unlike slightly chunkier glitters.

My Experience

Applying the nail polish was quite easy although it was quite thin so I had to apply a couple of coats to get it opaque. I was trying to be a bit quick with the second coat and it didn’t go too well so I ended up taking it off and doing it again. But once i’d given it enough time and applied a couple of coats it turned out quite pretty 😀

Maybelline Color Show Wine Shimmer nails

2 Coats of Nail Polish

My Thoughts

 I didn’t have any real problems with this nail polish. Only think I’d say it that I dry a teeny bit soft.  I gave it the normal amount of drying time I give other nail polishes but even when it felt dry it still managed to get a dent.


Overall I would give this nail polish a 9/10 as I really like it and I think its a colour that would go with anything. The glitter is nice and makes it a little bit special. I will most likely be purchasing it again.

X x x


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