My Nail Art: Rainbows!

Rainbow nails

Hi Hi! 😀

The weather has been really sunny and really rainy other days, so what better then some rainbows on your nails to brighten things up 😀 


What you need:

A basecoat and top coat

5 rainbow colours

Dotting tools/tooth pick


For this manicure I used Rimmel London Basecoat Top Coat nail Polish to start off with. Got to protect the nail 😀

Next up was the base colour a nice bright pink colour. I’m using Maybelline Colour Show Electric Pink. I used one coat of nail polish.

Wait to dry!!

Next use a yellow nail polish, I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Sherbet Lemon and I painted a little inwards so the pink shows round the outside. See if you can round the top to look more rainbow like. Now you have completed your second part of the rainbow 😀 Yay!

Again let it dry :op

 Use a green nail polish for the third part of the rainbow. I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninja and I have painted that only on the yellow as the both the pink and yellow need to be seen.

Hopefully your rainbow is starting to take form :0) Once this part is dry get your blue nail polish and you may need your dotting tools/toothpicks for this stage too. Especially for the pinky fingernail ;0)

For the blue part of the rainbow I am using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Electric Dreams. Paint only on top of the green part and using your dotting tools slowly dot and drag the nail polish to form the fourth part of the rainbow.

Once this part is dry it is time for the finishing part to complete the rainbow. A purple nail polish, I am using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Parma Violet. Definitely using my dotting tool to apply this last colour to my now finished rainbow 😀

Once fully dry add your top coat to make it all shiny :D:D

All done now 😀


Share your thoughts! 😀


X x x


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