My Nail Art: Peapod Faces

Hey Hey 😀

Peapod faces

For some reason I decided to call this manicure Peapod faces 😀

I think faces on anything looks cute 😀 hehe

I’m going to show you how I made this nail art design.

It’s an easy one I think ;0)

What you need:

Two shades of green nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tools/tooth pick



For this manicure I used a Barry M Basecoat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener Polish to start off with. Got to protect the nail 😀

The first thing to do is paint on your two green colours on alternate nails for the base of your design. The lighter polish I had to use two coats. The nail polish I used for the darker green is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninga and the lighter green is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Look at me.

Wait for your finger nails to dry 😀

Lucky for me mine dried pretty quick YAY!!

Okeydokey next we need our dotting tools, whether you have your own set or you got some tooth picks

I decided that I would do the faces on the lighter green colour

Get some of your dark green polish on your dotting tool and make two dots to make the eyes and then make a curved smile of dots which I would call a snow man smile 😀

To complete the design get a black nail polish and place dots on the previous green dots you made to form the eyes. I don’t have black nail polish so I used a striper called La Colours Art Deco Striper in Black Sparkles.

Once everything is dry get your top coat to seal everything in and make it all shiny.

There you have it, a couple of smiley peas in a pod 😀

Share your thoughts! 😀 X x x



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