Dotting Tools!

Hi Hi! 😀

Well I have done quite a few nail arts using these random tool things in the name of Dotting tools and IDotting tools pack just realised that some people may not even know what they are!!

Well for one thing they are inexpensive and they come in handy for different nail arts.

This set has five tools but 10 different sized dots.


I bought mine for 99p on Ebay and I got a set of five different nail art tools in this little packet.

Here is a link I have found for the same thing. There are ways to get it cheaper by waiting for an auction to end but this is a buy it now 😀

 There are also bigger sets that include different types of brushes as well as the dotting tools if you would like to click this link 😀

The smallest dotting tool is on the pink dotting tool 

small dotting tool

The biggest dotting tool is on the green dotting tool

Big dotting tool

These three  are the bigger dotting tools, the ones that look really similar and these two are the small ones 😀

 Big dotting toolsMedium dotting toolsSmall dotting tools

That’s picture time over :D:D 

I normally use the green dotting I like making polka dots and the biggest sized dotting tool makes them look best. One the end of the green dotting tool I use the kind of medium small one for the more detailed stuff I would probably need a striper or nail art pen for. I haven’t really used many of the other dotting tools in this pack but to be honest you are better off getting a pack of five for 99p then only one for the same price.

How to use?

When I first started using dotting tools I was making a lot of dents. I figured out the better way to use these things 😀

First thing use it standing (not at an angle)

Second don’t press so hard  

Third use a light dragging motion

or Fourth a light dabbing motion

If you roll the tool in your hand it looks like the marble is moving along the tool :D:D hehe  

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x 


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