My Nail Art: Seahorse in the Sea

Seahorse in the sea nails 2Seahorse in the sea nails 1

Hey Hey! 🙂

Seahorses are abit special for me this year, so i decided to try out a nail art design that includes one.

This one is a little bit complicated but I think I did ok and hopefully I will be able to explain it to you 😀

What you need:

Basecoat and top coat

Two blue nail polishes (light and dark)

Green nail polish

Gold glitter nail polish

Dotting tools

First up as always apply you base coat, mine is called Rimmel  London Basecoat and Topcoat to protect the nails.

Paint your thumb and middle finger nail with the dark blue nail polish. The one I have used is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off. The rest of your nails you can paint with your light blue nail polish. The nail polish I am using is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Electric Dreams.

Wait for it to dry ! 😀

Starting off with the thumb I tried to make it look like some water plants and bubbles with a rock. Get your green nail polish and using your dotting tools make a couple of long slightly curved “water grass” things coming out from the right bottom corner of your nail. To do this use a light dabbing dragging motion and work your way up.

Use your light blue  nail polish and make a small rock next to it with a flat bottom and curved top. For the bubbles just randomly dot your light blue nail polish wherever you like. 

For your pointer and ring finger I tried to make it look like water waves. Get your dark blue nail polish and using your dotting tools fill the nail with rows of wavy lines. 

Next is the little pinkie. For this I went simple and just made a couple of random dots using the dark nail polish.

The last nail is the one with the seahorse on it. For the seahorse use a gold glitter nail polish. The one I’m using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmey Shake. Using a dotting tool make a circle and then a smaller circle then join them to form a horses head. Next form a belly with a fan fin on the other side. Lastly use a smaller dotting tool to make the curly tail.

To finish using your top coat to seal your nail art design.

Share your thoughts! 😀

X x x  


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