My Nail Art: Cake Selection Nails

Cake selection nailsHey Hey! 🙂

So I was just sitting there one evening and I was thinking you know what would be good?

Cakes! 😀 I got out all my nail polish and started out creating five different types of cakes.

What you need:

Basecoat and top coat

White colour nail polish

Yellow colour nail polish

Orange colour nail polish

Brown colour nail polish

Green colour nail polish

Red colour nail polishimage

Peach colour nail polish

Black colour nail polish

Dotting tools

Mini Roll

I first applied a base coat, the one I am using Rimmel Basecoat Topcoat.

Lets start of with the thumb 😀 I decided that I would turn it in to a Mini roll 😀 (this is the picture —>)

You start off with a brown colour nail polish. The one I’m using came from a collection of 7 nail polishes called Flawless Nails.

When the brown nail polish is dry you can now start adding the cream. Get your dotting tools and your white nail polish. The white nail polish I have is Collection French Manicure French White.

Using your dotting tools get a big blob of nail polish and make a big circle in the middle of your nail then slowly drag the polish around the nail in a swirl like I have done in the photo.


Next is the pointer finger which I turned in to a Cupcake. I used a peach colour polish which is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fruit loop. I swiped the nail polish on the bottom half of my nail.

Wait to dry!

Get a black nail polish, I used La Colour Art Deco Black Sparkles Striper. I made a couple of black lines down the bottom half of the nail to form the cupcake case. You can then use a dotting tool and the white nail polish and cover the top half of the nail to form the icing, by lightly dabbing and dragging the nail polish. When the nail polish is dry finally add the finishing touch the cherry. Use a red nail polish and using the dotting tool put a big dot. The nail polish I used was Maybelline Colour Show Wine Shimmer.


The middle finger I decided to make in to a Battenberg. This one was pretty simple.

Using the peach nail polish and a yellow colour nail polish. The yellow polish I used was called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Lemon Soda. Paint one half of the nail with the peach and the other half yellow. When the nail polish is dry you can now add the yellow nail polish on one half of the peach colour and the peach colour on one half of the yellow colour. You should now have four squares 😀

Swiss Roll

The ring finger was my favourite one. The Swiss roll. Paint your nail a peach colour.

Wait to dry!

Now for the jam and cream. use your dotting tools get a red and white nail polish. Starting with the white nail polish, make a dot in the middle and just like in the picture make a swirl but make sure there is enough gap to fit in the red inside it. Again like before, use a  dabbing and dragging technique. Once you’ve done the white nail polish do the same thing with the red. Fill in the gap on the inside of the white nail polish.

Carrot cake

The pinkie finger, the last one! I thought I would try out a carrot cake. Start off by painting your nail white. When the polish is dry swipe the tip with a brown nail polish to make the cake part. Now make the little carrot for on top of the icing. I used a orange colour from the Flawless Nails collection. Using my dotting tool I made an upside down triangle. Don’t forget the little green top on the carrot, I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninja.

That’s all the cakes and all the fingers completed 😀

Just make sure to add your top coat and you are done. Use them together or paint all your nails the same 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x












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