My Nail Art: Dotty tips

Hey Hey! 🙂Dotty tips

Thought I would go really simple but effective and I came up with the most creative title for this design too! ;o)

I think this could work well with lots of different colour combinations maybe even using a different colour for each dot would look nice.

What you need:

Basecoat and top coat

Dark colour nail polish

White or light colour nail polish

Dotting tools

First up you need your base coat, I am using Rimmel Base Coat Topcoat.

Once that is dry, paint on your dark colour nail polish on to all your nails. You may need two coats of nail polish like I did. I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Midnight in this nail art design.

Now for the dotty part 😀

When your nails are all dry dig out your dotting tools and your light colour nail polish. The one I am using Collection French Manicure French white.

The way I get the nail polish on the dotting tools is to open your nail polish and then use your dotting tool to scrape some off the brush. Once you have enough just start gently dotting on the nail polish very close to the edge of your nails,like I have done in the photo. Depending on the size of your dotting tools you can add as many as you like. I used the biggest dotting tool I had and I managed to create 4-6 dots.

For the ring finger I decided to do slightly bigger dots by using more nail polish.

Now once everything is dry, apply your top coat and you are done 😀

Share your thoughts! 😀

X x x


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