My Nail Art: Happy Birthday Nails!

Happy nailsBday nails


Happy Birthday!!!! Emoji




In honour of my special someones birthday I decided to create a “HAPPY BDAY!” nail art design. It’s not that great as I was doing it the night before and was very tired, but I’m sure when I’m not so tired it will look a lot better then the photos I have up. Sorry for the photos if you can’t see them clearly. After 10 attempts these were the best I could come up with :0(


Anyway, let me talk you into what I did.


What you need:

Basecoat and topcoat

2 different shades of the same coloured nail polish

Glitter nail polish

Dotting tools


First you will need to apply your basecoat, I used Rimmel Basecoat Top coat.

Next apply your lighter shade of your nail polish colours. I chose blue as that is my special some ones favourite colour. I started off with Collection 2000 Hot Looks Electric Dreams, I applied two coats 😀

Wait to dry!

Now for your darker nail polish. I chose my special some ones favourite nail polish on me which is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off.

I used my dotting tools and started writing “BDAY!” on my left hand like you can see in the picture (don’t forget the little pinkie finger for the exclamation mark). I have done it this way so you can hold your hands in a claw like way (which seems to be my trade mark photo taking pose for my hands)to show the Birthday Boy or Girl your message.


The right hand has “HAPPY” on it. All in capital letters. Remember to use a dabbing, dragging motion when using your dotting tools to create the letters on to your nails.

Lastly to add a teeny bit of sparkle add your glitter polish in random dots around the letters on your nail. I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmey Shake.

To make everything all shiny (so you can’t see the design in the photo :0P) apply your top coat 😀


All done!


Share Your Thoughts! 😀


P.S. Anyone who is a September baby like me and my special someone I wish you a very Happy Birthday and that you get everything you deserve this year 😀 Have FUN!!! X x x





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