My Nail Art: Two Headed Snake


Hey Hey! 🙂

Two headed snake nails- leftTwo headed snake nails- right


Ok the name may come off a bit strange, but that’s why I put the two photo’s together as I have tried to link all my fingers with both my hands. I have tried to make this look like a snake head on each end of the snake body. 

What you need:

Base coat and Top coat

Base colour (I chose blue)

Snake colour (I chose green)

Snake design colour (I chose brown)

Red nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tools

First up I used my base coat to protect the nail. I used Rimmel Base coat Topcoat. Next you start off with a base colour. I used a blue nail polish called Vera Valenti Nail polish.

Wait to dry! 😀Snake head nails

Now for the fun part! The Snake 😀 Pick a colour that you want your snake to be. I have chosen Collection 2000 Hot Looks Bongo Beat, which is a tiny glittery green blue-y colour. Lets start off with the head which I have chosen to do on my thumbs. Try and make your snake look like it has it’s mouth open. swipe your brush from left top corner to a slight angle towards the edge of the nail, then left bottom corner to the side and fill in like I have done——–>

You can’t forget the most important snake tongue ;0) So grab your red nail polish. Mine isn’t quite red. I’m using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen. Get your dotting tool and form a line coming out the mouth and then to smaller lines to form the fork part of the tongue.

Next for the eyes and the outline around the head. For this use your black nail polish. I used La Colour Art Deco Black Sparkles which is a striper nail polish. For the eye I just do a dot and then a do an eyebrow like I have done. For the outline around it its pretty much standard go around your snake head. Now for the random spots I chose to do to make the snake a bit interesting. I just used a brown nail polish for a collection of seven nail polishes called Flawless Nails. For this just make a couple of random blobs with your brush.

Now for the rest of your fingers. For this I tried to make the snakes body. I made alternative nails have and up or down wave of a body part. For the pointer and ring finger start off with your base colour which is the blue colour again.

Wait to dry!

Get your snake colour again which is the green-y blue colour. What you need to do is make what kind of looks like a bump. swipe your nail polish brush from one side of your nail to the other in an up and then down motion to form an upward curved shape. Then use your black colour again and outline around the shape to highlight it more.

For your middle finger and your pinkie finger again start off with your base colour again which for me is the blue colour.

Wait to dry again! ;0)

Again with your snake colour which is my green-y blue colour make another curve but this time  its the other way. This time swipe your nail polish brush down and then up to form an upside down curve. Outline with your black nail polish and blob on your brown nail polish in random spots. Now you are done 😀 

Lastly put on your top coat to make it all shiny 😀 To make the two headed snake do the snake design on your other hand and ta da you now have your snake :D:D    


 Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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