My Nail Art: Blue Skies ;-)

Hi Hi! 😀

Well the last of the  sun is slowly going so I decided to do thBlue skiesis nail art of clouds birds and most importantly the sun 😀

What you need:

Basecoat/Top coat

White nail polish

Blue nail polish

Yellow nail polish

Orange nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tools/tooth pick

First apply your basecoat, I am using Barry M Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener.

Next apply your base colour which is the blue colour. The nail polish I’m using Vera Valenti blue nail polish.

Wait for it to dry! 

Now for the fun stuff applying the clouds, birds and sun. you can do this how ever you want. Whether you want just the one design or all three.


Starting with the sun get your yellow nail polish. My nail polish is from a collection of seven nail polishes called Flawless Nails and I picked the yellow colour. I applied a big blob of nail polish and then let it dry a little then I used my dotting tool to make a swirly motion to make the sun look round and also to spread the polish a bit. The sun rays I used the orange colour from my Flawless Nails collection and made dotty lines coming from the sun with my dotting tools.  


For the clouds get your white nail polish and dotting tools ready. The nail polish I used is Collection French Manicure French White. I got some polish on my dotting tool and made a bunch of dots that are collected together to look like fluffy clouds. do a couple on each nail in different size and different places of the nail.


I got my black nail polish which is the La Colour Art deco Black Sparkles striper. Try and make flying “m”s on your nail with your black nail polish. Do a couple on each nail in different angles and places and you are done.

Lastly apply your topcoat 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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