My Nail Art: Kitty and Fish Bones!

Hi Hi! 😀kitty and fish bone nails

As Autumn is pretty much here now I thought I would try a nail art where the colours are more in season. Also as I like animals I decided to do a kitty nail art 😀

What you need:

Top coat/Basecoat

Brown nail polish

Gold nail polish

 Golden bronze nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tools/Toothpick

First up is to put on your basecoat to protect the nail. Mine is Barry M Top coat Basecoat Nail hardener.

Now to paint your nails on alternate nails with a brown nail polish (mine is a brown colour from a collection of 7 nail polishes called Flawless Nails) and a golden bronze nail polish (mine is Collection 2000 Maxiflex Bronzed).

Wait to dry!

Now start off with the kitty nail. You should do the kitty on top of the brown nail polish. Get your gold nail polish mine is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmey Shake. Use your dotting tool to make short lines, two on top and two on either side like I’ve done. Now get your black nail polish, i’m using La Colours Art Deco Black Sparkle striper and make two dots for eyes on the gold lines that are on top.

Next make a nose and mouth, a triangle for the nose and two lines for the mouth.

Fishy’s turn now 😀 I decided to go with a fish bone. Using the brown nail polish and dotting tool from earlier, try to make a half circle for the fish’s head then make the tail by joining two lines together and finally a line to attach the head to the tail. To give the fish some body fit as many vertical lines as you can to form fish bones, I managed two.

Now to make the fish pop, go around the fish with your black nail polish to outline it now forgetting a dot for an eye so your fish can see 😀

Lastly use a top coat to make everything shiny.

To make the design more interesting have the fish face different directions on each nail.

Share Your Thoughts!

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