My Nail Art: Diwali 2014

Hi Hi! 😀

Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated mainly by Hindus (I have heard that Jains and Sikhs do participate on this day as well, check link for a bit of info Diwali comes from the story of Ram and Sita, how Ram defeats Raavan and comes home following the divaas (lamp) lit by his people.Diwali 2014 nails

Diwali and New Year (the Indian one) are on it’s way and as I celebrate it I thought with the whole blog thing I will make a nail art design for the occasion 😀

What you need:

Basecoat/Top coat

Dark colour nail polish (blue, black, purple) 

Gold and silver nail polish (preferably shiny or glitter kind)

3 random colours that work well together

Dotting Tools/Tooth picksFirst up as always start with your base coat to protect your nail. I am using Barry M BaseCoat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener.

Next use your base colour which has to be a dark colour. I have chosen my weird blue, green almost black colour which is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Midnight. I applied two coats of  nail polish.

Thumb/ Divaa

Lets start of with the design I decided for my thumb which is a little divaa or diya which is a lamp lit with ghee (melted butter) DSC_5049and a cotton wick. To make this start of with what I would call the candle holder 😀 I am using silver coloured nail polish to start with. The nail polish I’m using was from a set of nail polish from a shop called Wilkinsons and the brand is Edge.

Then I thought while its drying lets paint the flame 😀 For this I am using a gold nail polish and a dotting tool. The nail polish I am using is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmey Shake. Just make a couple of dots in the for of a triangle then join and fill in. To make the flame look like is shiing do a couple of lines coming out of it like I have done. See photo————————–>>>

Now back to the candle holder. Choose 2 of the colours from the 3 colours you have chosen and use your dotting tools to make a stripe from each colour, The blue colour I have used is called Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off and the pinker colour is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen.

Ta da! 😀 Now you have your little light 😀

Pointer and ring finger/ Coloured dots

I’ve always associated Diwali with colours and to be honest I just wanted an excuse for polka dots! 😀

This design is very easy. Just start with one of the three colours you have chosen and randomly dot in different places. Then do the same with the other two. The three nail polishes I have chosen are Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Look At Me.

Middle finger/ Fireworks

To make your fireworks use your gold and silver nail polish and a dotting tool. Try to pick a smallish dotting tool and randomly  make curves come out of an invisible centre like I have done in the photo. Do the nail polish colours alternatively on the nail.

Pinkie finger/random tear drop looking

Lastly again using your gold and silver nail polishes and make little random tear drops looking shapes. To do this make a dot then curve out so that the end is the smallest part of the shape.

To finish apply your top coat and your done. Experiment with more colours or shapes on your nails and see what looks best. You could even use one design on all your nails in different colours.


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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