Vera Valenti Esmalte de Unas Review

Hi Hi! 😀

This nail polish was given as a birthday present and it seems to be Spanish :S In case you haven’t realised the title of this post actually says Vera Valenti Nail Polish. Esmalte de Unas means nail polish in Spanish . There you go you learn something new every day :D:D

First LookDSC_4636

On first look this nail polish had an interesting shape that kind of reminds me of the China Glaze Nail polish bottle. It also has more nail polish then the nail polishes I normally use which only have 8ml. Speaking of that nail polish it also reminds me of Collection 2000 Hot Looks Electric Dreams if you remember me talking about it in my first post. The colour is very similar.



The Nail Polish I tried Vera Valenti

Well the nail polish I have is Blue 😀 There is no fancy interesting nail polish colour name anywhere on the bottle. The only thing I could see was a number and that number is 271.

My Experience

This nail polish was quite watery  and applying my normal amount to get the whole nail in one go just caused the polish to run in to where you would get hang nails.. I had to start with less and ended up needing to dunk the brush in more every time I scraped some polish off. The good thing was that one coat was enough to make it opaque but I liked having two to make it brighter.

My Thoughts

This nail polish is pretty much similar to the Collection 2000 Hot Looks one and as that is one of my favourite colours and comes with more nail polish in the bottle I think I like this nail polish in spite of the watery-ness.


I would give this nail polish a 7/10 as it was bit too watery for me but I think it might be ok when it starts to thicken up. 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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