My Nail Art: Frog Face

Hi Hi!! 😀Frog face

I randomly decided I wanted to do a nail art with frogs. Its not as complicated as I thought 😀

What you need:

Base coat/ Top coat

Green nail polish

White nail polish

Pink nail polish

Black nail polish  

Dotting tools/ tooth pick


First you need to protect your nails, apply your base coat, mine is Barry M Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Hardener.

To start your little frog, pick out a nice green nail polish. Apply two coats of polish. The colour I chose is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninja 😀

Wait to dry!

Now get a white nail polish and a dotting tool to make your little frog eyes. Simply get the polish on the dotting tool and apply two dots. The white colour I have is Collection French Manicure French White. 

I started with a froggy tongue next, again with a dotting tool and some pink nail polish this time just dot and drag to form a longish tongue. The colour I’m using is Maybelline Colour Show neon pink.

Hopefully the whites of the eyes are now dry, so you can now get your black nail polish and if you don’t have a striper like I do then use a dotting tool to do the details. The black striper I’m using is La Colour Art Deco Black Sparkles. Just make a dot on the white parts of the eyes to form the pupils and two dots under the eyes to form the nostrils.

Now for the frog mouth just make a curved line to make a smile and then go around the tongue and then make a line down the middle of the tongue and you are done!! 😀 Just remember your top coat but also make sure you wait a bit longer for it to dry as I smudged mine a bit :0(


Share Your Thoughts! 😀 

X x x




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