Nail Art Pen Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

I’ve always been using  stripers and dotting tools for my nail arts and I’ve seen a lot of people talk about nail art pens and I’ve seen youtubers use them in their videos so I thought I would try one out.

First looknail art pen

On first look it just looks like a regular permanent pen until you read the side of the pen which clearly says nail art pen.


The Nail Polish I Tried

The nail art pen I tried was a random one I found on Ebay which cost 0.99p. It says Beauty gal but the ‘B’ is on its side like an ‘m’. The colour I chose was called ‘2’ which is black.

My Experience

DSC_5085I tried putting on a  base colour to try out some random stuff with the nail art pen. I chose to use Collection 2000 Maxiflex Bronzed to see a review on this nail polish please click on this link below 😀

 I first took the lid off to find the nib a bright white colour. Reading the instructions on the side of the pen I shook the pen a couple of times and then pumped the nib on a piece of paper until the black colour started to fill the nib, it took about 7 pumps. I then just used it like a regular pen on my nail, I wrote “Hi” and then just bordered around the word with lines.


My Thoughts

This was my first and only attempt in the above photo and I think if I hadn’t rushed to start trying the nail art pen it wouldn’t have felt sticky and wouldn’t have felt like it was writing into the base colour which you may also notice in the photo. I think this will make a lot of nail arts much easier as it seems like it will glide across the nail without having to do the dabbing motion like I do with the dotting tools.


I would give this nail art pen a 9/10 as I really like it. Only thing I’d say is that the nib was very thin so to get that thickness in the photo I had to double up the lines but I’m sure there may be thicker pens out there. I will enjoy practicing more with it and in future nail arts which hopefully will be more creative then “Hi”.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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