My Nail Art: Flowers Edge

Flowers edge nails

Hi Hi!! 😀

I randomly started making flowers in the corners and sides of my nails 😀

What you need:

Base coat/ Top coat

Glitter green nail polish

Glitter blue nail polish

Glitter Pink nail polish

Glitter red nail polish  

Glitter gold/yellow nail polish

Black nail polish with dotting tools/striper/nail art pen

First you need to protect your nails, apply your base coat, mine is Barry M Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Hardener.

Now use your green and blue nail polishes as your base colour. I’m using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Bongo Beats (on my thumb, middle finger and pinkie)and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Electric Dreams(on my pointer and ring finger).

Wait to dry!

Next lets start with the middle of the flower which is the yellow part. You will need your yellow or gold nailpolish now, I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmey Shake. To make this nail art more interesting I chose not to do the flowers in middle of my nail, but from the sides and corners. (Have your hand flat in front of you to better understand) Starting with the thumb on the left hand, we are using the top left corner. Using the nail polish I chose earlier i’m going to paint a quarter of the flower middle, make sure to curve round the corner and keep as close as you can to the corner so as not to use too much of the nail space. The pointer finger we will start from the top half but remember its the middle of the top half(don’t paint from one side to the other, you need the space all around) very close to the top edge. For the middle finger we are using a corner just like the thumb but the top right corner, the ring finger is the bottom half and the pinkie is the top left corner. On the right hand the pointer and ring finger stay the same but the thumb, middle finger and pinkie will use the opposite side to the left hand. E.g (left hand) the thumb we start from top left corner so the right hand we start thumb top right corner.

Petals! Get your pink and red colour nail polishes ready now. I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen and Maybelline Colour Show Wine Shimmer. Remember how we used green and blue on alternate nails, well we are only using red on the green nails and pink on the blue nails. The petals aren’t hard to do and I just used the brushes that came with the nail polishes, so hopefully you will be ok. I said for the flower middles to be curved to look like a quarter or half of a circle to encourage you to go round instead of in a square for the rest of the flower.

Start off with the red colour on the thumb and beginning at the edge of the yellow part simply drag your brush to the other side but not all the way. I managed four petals on my left thumb. Now go round the other nails red on green and pink on blue and paint the petals to complete the flower.

Wait to dry!

Now to get your flowers to really pop and hide any messy edges. You will need your black polish, I am using a nail art pen and if you are too make sure you give extra drying time before using on your nail art. Just outline the petals and flower middles.

Lastly apply your top coat and you are done!

Share Your Thoughts!:-D

X x x


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