My Nail Art: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hi Hi!! 😀 The Nightmare Before Christmas nails

Since Christmas is less then 2weeks away I thought that this nail art post would be more then appropriate. For some it really is the nightmare before Christmas 😉

What you need:
Top coat and base coat
red nail polish
white nail polishDSC_5185
dark blue or black nail polish
light blue nail polish
yellow nail polish
brown nail polish
black striper nail art pen
dotting tools
As always apply basecoat to protect the nails. I’m using Barry M Top coat Basecoat Nail hardner

Now apply your black or dark blue nail polish on all finger nails except the pinkie and middle finger. I am using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Midnight.

Lets get the pinkie out the way and apply 2 coats of La Colour Art Deco Striper in Black Sparkles on to it. Now let everything dry!!

The Moon

Starting off with the thumb get your yellow nail polish to make the moon. I’m using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Lemon. Make a circle in the middle of your nail. Try make it as round as you can but don’t worry about being perfect.

Wait to dry!

Now get the same dark blue colour you used as your base colour to make the cliff that Jack Skellington stands on in front of the moon. Its an odd shape cliff try and follow what I’ve  done in the photo above.

Jack Skellington/ Santy Claws (pointer finger)

Now for Jack “the pumpkin king” now known as Santy Claws after trying to recreate Christmas Town in Halloween town. You need to get a white nail polish. Mine is Collection French Manicure French White. I start off halfway down the nail to create a slightly bigger then a semi circle shape for Jack’s face. Once dry you can start to create Jack’s face. Get out the same dark blue colour and using a dotting tool to draw the eyes, nose and the corners of his mouth. Check the photo, I have slanted the eyes and nostrils slightly. To transform Jack into Santy Claws you need to make his Santa hat. Get out a red colour and dotting tool to make a triangle and then do the hanging part of the hat like I have. The colour I am using is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen. Time to trim up the hat, using your dotting tool and white nail polish, do the edge of the hat and the bobble at the end of the hat and you have your “Santy Claws”.


For your middle finger you can create Sally. Start off with a brown nail polish and apply 2 coats. I’m using the brown nail polish from a collection of 7 nail polishes called Flawless Nails. When it is dry, get your blue nail polish, I’m using Vera Valenti number 271 see link below to see nail polish review

Paint a coat of blue nail polish again doing the the slightly bigger semi circle and wait for it to dry (make sure you leave part of the brown showing as that’s her hair) . Now time to create Sally’s face, get a dotting tool and the white nail polish from earlier and make two big dots for eyes. Next using your black nail polish make a parting in her hair, some eyelashes and then a dot for each eye. Sally is now done.


Jack’s little ghost dog friend for your ring finger next. Get a white nail polish and dotting tool and make his little body, I made it into a bunny shape 😀 See photo. When dry add a black dot for his eye. Next get a red nail polish I am using Maybelline Colour Show Wine Shimmer, you can use a dotting tool to make the red nose 😀 Also I missed his red collar so add that aswell.

Tada!! 😀 Got your Nightmare before Christmas nails!! Just remember to add your topcoat and you are done:-)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 

X x x




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