Barry M Nail Polish Christmas Tree Review

Hey Hey!! 😀

I found this in Superdrugs during Christmas time and had to buy it!! 😀

Green and glitter that is very me 😀 Sadly my photo does not do it justice as I had to use my old phone to take the photo :0(

First LookBarry M Christmas Tree nail polish

I have not used many Barry M nail polishes (except the base coat and top coat I use for many of my nail arts) but I have always loved the small square bottle, it is so cute. Being able to see all the tiny glitters in green, red and silver. You can even see the tiny stars in the nail polish as well which goes very well with the theme of Christmas.

The Nail Polish I tried

The nail polish I chose is called Christmas tree which is a green glitter top coat.

My Experience

Whenever I try any nail polish I always try to make it cover the entire nail fully and Barry M Christmas Tree nailsthen try out different colour combinations, I just applied a normal layer the first time and I managed to cover quite a bit of the nail by using a dabbing motion so as to not take the glitters off when I brush towards the tip. I then decided to start with a base colour. I chose Collection 2000 Hot looks Ninja. I then applied the Christmas tree nail polish and covered the nail again with the dabbing motion. The result is above. I also made sure to add a top coat as the glitter is quite chunky and may get quite annoying when putting on clothes or even when scratching is is quite rough.(I will try and get a better photo up, it was quite a dark winter and I had to use flash which explains my yellow looking hands)

My Thoughts

I really like this nail polish as I can make it a cute manicure on its own by learning how to cover the nail fully and also as an added bit of sparkle to a nail art. Just really hard to take off  :0(


I would give this nail polish 8/10. I really like the colours and everything about this polish except that it is awful to take off even when using he foil method with nail polish remover. Also as the glitters are quite chunky, if you forget to put on a top coat it does get quite scratchy on your skin but otherwise I would definitely buy it again 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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