My Nail Art: Spirals and Flowers

Spirals and flowers nailsHey Hey! đŸ˜€

I found this picture and I think I took it awhile ago and I thought I would share the photo with you. Problem is I have no idea what nail polishes I have used. I can however tell you how I have done this nail art đŸ˜€

What you need:

Top coat and Basecoat

Green nail polish

Brown nail polish

Pink nail polish

Dotting tools/ tooth picks


First up apply your basecoat to protect your nails.

Next  paint your nails alternate colours of pink and brown.

Wait to dry!

Next get your green polish and  dotting tools and create a spiral like I have done in the photo on the pink base colours. To make the nail art more interesting  have the spirals going opposite ways.

On the brown coloured nail have your pink and green nail polishes ready with your dotting tools as we are going to create a flower. First start with the pink colour and just start doing little “c’s” around an imaginary dot if that makes sense and don’t let any of them touch each other.

While that is drying get your green polish to draw a stem and some leaves.

Apply your top coat and you are now done đŸ˜€

Share your thoughts! đŸ˜€

X x x


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