Electronic Nail Polisher

Hey Hey! 🙂Electronic nail polisher

Very random! Thought I’d introduce the newest addition to my nail things 🙂

As a gift I received an Electronic Nail Polisher. I have taken a picture of the box which you can see on the right if you would like to purchase same one>>>>>

The Electronic Nail Polisher is a nail buffing machine which comes with 2 Micro Smooth Rollers and 2 Micro Shine Rollers and a travel pouch. Batteries are

DSC_5241included. You can see what comes in the box in the photo on the left<<<<<<<

Having read the instructions I can tell you that it there are rules and I would advise any of you to not break any of the rules.

1. Don’t use this machine more then 1-2 seconds each time. (Meaning don’t keep buffing your nail until you finish it, you need to stop every 1-2seconds)

2. Don’t use the machine more then every two weeks (I’d say if you can leave it longer then two weeks)

3. Don’t use anywhere else except on your nails


Buffing as I’m sure you all know isn’t exactly the best beauty treatment for your nails, but once in DSC_5250awhile to help the ridges and anything else you got going on with your nails is ok.

So far I have used this machine twice on my finger nails and once on my toe nails and I have not been disappointed yet. You can see the results on the right>>>>

To use this machine you start of with the smooth roller which is the grey sandpaper looking one. this one is to smooth out the nail and get rid of the ridges. The shine rollers  are to make it all nice and shiny. In the end you get a healthy nails looking result. It makes them all pretty and lasts for up to two weeks as well as making your manicure last longer.

Just remember buffing lots might make your nails shiny but it can also make them weak and thin if done too much,so be careful. 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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