My Nail Art: L-O-V-E Nails

LOVE nailsHey Hey!! 😀

As it is the week of Valentines I thought I would do a Valentines themed nail art. As it’s my first one I was finding it difficult on what to do but I figured out this simple one and hope its not the same as anyone else ;0)

What you need:



-White nail polish

-Red polish (or anything close to red)

=Dotting tools/Tooth picks


First step is to put on your base coat to protect your nails. I used Barry M Topcoat, Basecoat and Nail Hardener.

Now paint your nails alternate colours of your red and white nail polish like I have in the picture. The “red” nail polish I have chosen is Barry M Raspberry and the white nail polish is Collection French Manicure French White.

Wait to dry!

Now for the fun part!! Writing the word Love.

Hopefully you can kind of see what I have done but I have created the letters using little hearts 😀 Cute right? For this I have used the smallest dotting tool I have. I started the word Love from the pinkie nail to start the letter L. What you need is some white nail polish on your dotting tool and starting in the top left corner make two dots quite close to each other but not touching. Underneath those dots place another dot so that it kind of looks like an upside down triangle, now join the top dots to the bottom and fill it to form a heart shape. Don’t worry about making them perfect. Create the same hearts to the tip of the nail. I managed to get 3 hearts going down and when I got to the bottom I made a heart on the right. See photo. There you go you now have your “L”LOVE nails2

For the “O” I decided to make a big heart but you can make the Letter “O” with the small hearts if you wish. To make the big heart use the same technique for the small ones. Make the rest of the letters and when you get to the thumb make another big heart. Remember red nail polish on top of the white and white nail polish on the red. You can switch it up and have all your nails in red and have white hearts on top if you like(in the photo is how I wore it for valentines day 🙂 Excuse the chips ;-)). ——->

Now wait for everything to dry and apply your top coat.

There you have it! Sweet tiny hearts nail art.

Happy Valentines to you all and i hope you all have fun :D:D 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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