Stained Yellow Nails

Stained nailsHey Hey! 🙂

Well it’s one of those times 😦 Too much nail polish, using dark coloured nail polish etc. All not good for the nails and as a gift for me in return….. stained nails, in particular yellow stained nails!!

Not very nice at all!!

One of the first mistakes people make is to just cover their nails up with the nail polish, which in all fairness makes the stained nails go away but doesn’t remove the stains when you take the nail polish off again, it could in fact make it even more yellow.

Stained nails can be caused by many things even something serious to do with your health. But for most, especially if you are a nail polish fan, the culprit is usually nail polish. Sometimes it could mean using dark nail polish, wearing nail polish or not giving nail time to “breathe”.

My nails tend to be slightly yellow from time to time and I did do the ‘normal’ thing and googled it. Alot of things about tooth paste and lemon came up. Tried it and it didn’t do much. Then realised I needed ‘whitening’ toothpaste. Again did same thing a couple of times a week not much difference. I then found out denture tablets, you get a tube of tablets for around a pound. I bought mine ages ago and still have half left. I don’t use that often. But 20mins of soaking my fingers in the dissolved tablet and warm water does make a difference. It does need to be washed out properly though, so use moisturising handwash after. One other thing I do is let my nails ‘breathe’, I know people do say that it’s some sort of myth but I feel up to a week break or more if you can manage works nicely. Not a huge difference but it does do a gradual natural difference so not much hard work 😉 (just resist nail polish)

To prevent the stains I try to apply nail polish once a week. It’s only more if I have somewhere ‘dressy’ to be. I normally keep it on no more then three nights (i put my polish on a night:-D) but lately i’ve been trying to remove it the night after i’ve applied it, as over Christmas I feel like I done some damage, as I didn’t get time to remove nail polish til New Years. I also apply a basecoat for every manicure. I am sure you have seen I use Barry M Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Hardener in My Nail Art and i’ve also used Rimmel Basecoat Topcoat Pro a couple of times. I’ve always liked the Barry M one especially as it isn’t that expensive, but I think it may be time to try another one, as another must is a good basecoat to prevent the staining. If you could recommend me some below it would be really helpful 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x



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