My Nail Art: Musical Night

Hi Hi!! 😀Musical night nails

Thinking about what else to try I thought I would show you some musical notes.

First step is your basecoat. I’m using Barry M Base Coat Top Coat and Nail Hardener. I have applied two coats of polish with drying time inbetween as i’ve heard it prevents staining better. Worth a go right? 😉

Next step is to get your dark nail polish. I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Midnight. I applied two coats

Wait to dry!

Now for your sparkly glitter nail polish. I chose Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmy Shake. I used my big dotting tool and made a horizontal line then a couple of vertical lines coming off it. Then you apply a dot on the end of each vertical line, just remember to make the dot slightly to the left like I have done in the photo. You can choose how many notes you want on each nail and also which one

On the thumb I chose to make the treble clef. For this I had to copy a picture of it. My attempt was ok but my left thumb doesn’t look too good 😦 (i’m left handed)

To make this manicure even more night like I used a silver nail polish and using my small dotting I applied random dots around the musial notes. The silver nail polish is from a collection of nail polishes called edge.

When it is dry apply your top coat and you are done 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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