Models Own Iced Neon Nail Polish Toxic Apple Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

I was shopping in a different Superdrugs and found that they have brands of nail polish that I have not used before. Models Own I have heard of but have never tried. This nail polish costs around £4.99.


First LookModels own iced neon toxic apple nail polish

The bottle looks a bit different to most nail polishes as the glass looks a bit frosty which kind of made me think it was made of plastic. The green nail polish I have chosen looks like a neon green colour.

The Nail Polish I Tried

The nail polish I have chosen is called Toxic Apple.

My Experience

When I first applied the nail polish I was amazed by the how bright the colour was but was disappointed with how watery it was. The first coat was very thin and see through. I applied 3coats of polish to get it more opaque. I could still see my nails through the nail polish. The polish did take a while to dry between each coat.

Models own iced neon toxic apple nails


My Thoughts

The nail polish itself in my opinon wasn’t all that good for me. I loved the colour just not the fomula. If it was more opaque and less watery it would have been nice, especially as I paid abit more then I normally do on nail polish. Also since it took quite some time to dry aswell as the fact that I may need to apply more than 3 coats of polish, it is very time consuming. It is a shame as I was very excited to try this


I would give 5 out of 10 for this nail polish as I liked the colour and the name of the polish just not alot else.

Share Your Thoughts!:D (also if you find a simular but a more opaque green nail polish let me know;-) thanks!)

X x x


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