My Nail Art: Easter Chick

Easter chick nailsHi Hi!! 😀

Happy Easter to you all and as a Easter “special” I decided to upload another nail art. This one has chicks 😀

What you need:

Base coat

Top coat

Yellow nail polish

Orange nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tool/tooth picks/nail art pen

First step as always is to apply your base coat. I am using Barry M Base Top coat Nail Hardener. I used two coats of polish. Next apply your yellow nail polish. I am using Rimmel Chin up Buttercup. I used two coats.

Wait to dry!

Next using your biggest dotting tool and your white nail polish you will be making the whites of the eyes. I am using Collection 2000 French Manicure French White. Just do two blobs in eye appropriate places.

Next you can make the beak so have your smaller dotting tool and orange nail polish ready. I will be using Rita Ora’s Rimmel Tangerine Tent.

See link for review:

Try and make a thin long triangle shape with the pointy bit going towards the right. I found it a little tricky but I tried to start the thicker part of it first and dragged it to the thinner bit if that makes sense.

For the next part I used a nail art pen but you can use a dotting tool and black nail polish. See link for review of what nail art pen I used:

I first started with the pupils of the eye whites. Just a dot in the middle of the white part will do ;0) Now for the birdy feet. As you can see from the picture it is just three straight (as straight as you can do them) lines joined  together at one end. I found the best way to do it was to go and forth so I would come back to the joint end to start the next line. After that outline you beak and you are done! 😀

Ta da!! Little chickys. If you want you could also outline the eye whites if you like.

Share Your Thoughts!:D

X x x



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