Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish Tangerine Tent Review


Hi Hi!! 😀

I don’t often use Rimmel nail polishes but thought I would try this one out as my orange nail polish had dried out. it cost £2.99

First LookRita Ora's Rimmel Tangerine Tent nail polish

It looked quite pretty with the white flowers next to Rita Ora’s name on the lid of the nail polish. The colour stood out quite a bit and seemed perfect to brighten up those dull days as well as the sunny ones.

The Nail Polish I tried

I chose Rita Ora’s Tangerine Tent





My ExperienceRita Ora's Rimmel Tangerine Tent nails

When I started using the polish I noticed the brush was a little bit wider then normal which covered more of the nail in one swipe. The nail polish was a nice consistency and was very opaque. I didn’t have many problems applying this nail polish. I managed just the one coat. See picture. 

My Thoughts

I really like this nail polish as the colour is bright and solid, the nail polish is quite thick and it didn’t take too long to dry. I just need to remember not to have so much polish on the brush as the width of the brush holds more so a thin layer amount is enough for one swipe of the nail.


I would give this nail polish an 9/10

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2 thoughts on “Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish Tangerine Tent Review

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