Cupcakes and Champagne Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish Mini (Scented!)

Hi Hi!! 😀

Very exciting for me as I only remember having one scented nail polish, which smelt of strawberries and another nail polish which I never got round to doing a review on, which changed from yellow to pink in the sun. But this one is the first nail polish that has both a scent and a colour changing effect :D:D



I got a £5 voucher online and had no idea what to do with it, but I spotted this and it looked like a fun thing to try out. It’s a mini collection of Ruby Wings Fall Collection called Cupcakes and Champagne (I know it’s Spring but living in the UK the sun doesn’t come out much in Autumn plus cupcakes are good all year round right? ;0)) Each bottle is 7ml (the normal sized bottle is 15ml) I have what seems to be 3cupcakes Cinnamon Buns, Sweet Cream, Chocolate Mousse and 1champagne Doux. I will try each one and show you what the before and after looks like. Let me know your experiences on these nail polishes in the comments 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 X x x



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