Nail Art: Pretty Pink Penguin

Hi Hi! 😀pink penguin nails

I know, penguins are for winter but I think these penguins are pretty much Spring time ready 😉

What you need:

Top coat


Pink nail polish

White nail polish

Blue nail polish

Black nail polish

Sheer pink nail polish

Orange nail polish

Pink glitter nail polish

Dotting tools/nail art pen


First step is to apply your base coat. I am using Barry M Base coat, Top coat and Nail hardener. Next apply your pink nail polish. I am using OPI Strawberry Margarita.

Wait to dry!

For the shimmery bodies apply you pink glitter nail polish on top. I am using Ruby Wings Colour Changing Nail Polish Doux.

Wait to dry!!

Next get your sheer pink nail polish and simply swipe down from the middle to the tip of your nail to form the belly. I am using a pink nail polish from a collection of nail polishes called flawless nails. If you don’t have a sheer pink nail polish a lighter coloured pink will still do.

Now using your dotting tool  make the eyes. I am using Collection 2000 French Manicure French White. Apply two dots for eyes.

Wait to dry!

Next for the coloured part of the eye. I am deciding on a blue nail polish from a collection of nail polish called Lumiere . Again two dots with your dotting tool over the white parts of the eyes and then two black dots on the blue and there you have it. A pair of pretty baby blue eyes 😀

The last part of your penguin is the beak. Using an orange nail polish and your dotting tool try and make a long triangle with the pointy part going towards he right. Easiest way was to start with the pointy bit and then go towards the left and make that bit bigger.

Lastly apply your top coat and you are done 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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