Cupcakes and Champagne Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish Chocolate Mousse (Scented)

Hi Hi!! 😀

As I said here is one of my reviews on one of the mini Ruby Wing Polishes D:

First Look

This nail polish looks a bit golden and has light reflecting glitter flakes. Mini bottle of 7ml, so cute!

Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse nail polish

sorry the quality isn’t that great but it was very difficult to get the nail polish to look as it does using the naked eye.

The Nail Polish I tried

I have Chocolate Mousse (Cupcake)which is a clear nail polish which is said to change to a  dark purple and smell of chocolate mousse.





My Experience


my attempt to get sun on my nails inside using the sun patches ;0)

When I first  opened the bottle it had a slight chocolate-y smell as well as the usual strong scent of nail polish. The nail polish seemed quite gloopy but I have noticed a lot of glittery top coats are similar. This polish does look like a top coat as it shows up as almost clear. I had no problem applying except when trying the get the flakes to go all over my nail. As soon as the nail polish dries (which in my opinion is a little bit longer then normal)the normal nail polish smell is gone and replaced with the chocolate mousse scent alone which smells really good! Smell my nails all day! 😀 Now for the sun test. As I was indoors and it was sunny out there were some sun patches on the carpet so I put my hands on there for a little while and the result is the photo above left. As you can see there is a definite changeRuby Wing Chocolate Mousse nails but is not the colour I was expecting which is the dark brown looking colour on the box (but later found it was meant to be a dark purple) When I did go out I started to see the same change but it was gradually changing in front of my very eyes! within crossing the road I now had a more exciting change which is the photo on the right 😀 I honestly think it looks like a brown-y purple but never the less it has lived to it’s expectations 😀


My Thoughts

I really like this nail polish as it does pretty much everything it says it will. The nail polish scent is more pleasant when applying then others and it works well on it’s own and with other colours.


 I would give this nail polish a 9/10 Love it! Just wish it was coloured before the colour change and that it wasn’t expensive.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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