Summer Colour Combination

Hi Hi!! 😀

For Summer time I picked some fun looking colours that are bright and bold.


Summer Combination 2015


I am using OPI Strawberry Margarita and an orange nail polish from a collecton of  6 nail polishes called Lumiere.

Share Your Thoughts!:D

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11 thoughts on “Summer Colour Combination

      • well i’ve been looking that up the only brand I have that does not affect me is wet n wild wild shine, i know its cheap but all my other more expensive ones bother me,o sally hansen does not bother me..could you recommend some colors I love input


      • Well to be fair some of the cheaper ones work just as good or even better then the expensive ones. I have only ever tried one wet n wild nail polish and that was wet n wild fantasy makers, I had the colour vampish red. Sally Hansen I have been thinking of trying for awhile. When you say other brands affect you, what way do you mean?x


      • I have a lot of sensitivities to camphor resins smells etc. I need to go 5 free but as they cost more its taking me time to rebuild me collection 😦 i just wrote a post on nail ingredients and facts 🙂 maybe you could look at my pic of wet n wild i have up and pick ones that would be cool together alternating in your opinion


      • Aw no! Thats no good, i’ll see if there are other brands that might be safer for you as there are alot of unheard ones. Yeah of course I can. I’ve just followed you, you have some interesting posts up. I might try some more wet n wild nail polishes. You could recommend one of your favourites for my to try


      • i have a list of 5 free polish up its long lol my favorite is the grasping at strawberries its cloudy and dark here so I cant really take a pic but I will post the names of them on the post


  1. I feel the be more pacific and bijou blue, blazed and casting call, grasping at strawberries and blazed, who is ultra violet? and bijou blue, grasping strawberries and who is ultra violet? These are some I’m kind of guessing from how they look on the photo. Hopefully they look good when you try them out ;0) x


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