Maybelline Colour Show Nail Art Pen Review

Hi Hi!! šŸ˜€DSC_5488

I have been using this pen for quite some time and I realised I haven’t done my review šŸ˜€



First Look

It looks like a regular nail art pen but seems a bit smaller then the one I already haveMaybelline Color Show Designer nail art pen

The Nail Polish I tried

My one isĀ the BlackĀ colourĀ nail art penĀ 

My Experience

At first I was thinking it wouldn’t be any greater then the one I haveĀ but I was actually quite surprised with this one. It was very smooth like a ball point pen. I had a little bit of trouble with it dependingĀ  on what I was trying to do as it was a bit slippery compared to what IĀ am used to.Ā I done a little bit of practice on bare nails as you can see in the above picture.

My Thoughts

I really like it, but feel like a bigger pen maybe easier to handle :0) This pen flows nicely with the nail polish and makes it quite nice to go in any direction. One thing I did notice that without a top coat on top the design will rub off so I will always remember to use a top coatĀ  when using this.


I like this pen but feel a bit of practice is best so will give it a 9/10 šŸ˜€

Share Your Thoughts! šŸ˜€

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