My Nail Art: Pon and Zi

Hi Hi!! 😀 Pon and Zi nails

I used to Love these little comics of the Pon and Zi so I decided a manicure is in order 😀 This one is very simple to do.

What you need:

Base coat

Top coat

Yellow nail polish

Blue nail polish

Pink/red nail polish

White nail polish

Black nail polish (nail art pen?)

(if no nail art pen) dotting tool/tooth pick


First up is the base coat. I am using Barry M’s Base coat, Top coat and Nail hardener. I applied two coats.

Next paint nails alternate colours of yellow and blue on your finger nails and do half blue and half yellow on the thumb nail. I am using Rimmel’s 60seconds Chin up Buttercup and Vera Valenti blue nail polish. I used two coats of each.

Wait to dry!

As I have started the blue nail polish on my pointer that is the nail I will be using for Zi and the middle finger will be for Pon. Using your white nail polish and dotting tool create two dots for your eyes. I am using Collection 2000 French Manicure French White. Then using your nail art pen I am using Maybelline Color Show Designer nail art pen in black to outline the eyes and create the half smile Pon and Zi sometimes have.

Next start on the other two fingers. For these we will be making the tummy of Pon and Zi. The tummy has a little red heart but as I don’t have red I am using a pink. I am using Flawless Nails pink coloured nail polish. Using your dotting tool create a dot and drag downwards then do another dot next to it and drag down to a point to make a heart shape.

Wait to dry! 

Last steps is to out line the hearts with the black nail art pen and draw a straight line between the two colours on the thumb and your are done 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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