Feet Care Routine :D plus Soap and Glory Heel Genius mini Review

Hey Hey!

I thought I would share what I do to keep my feet all nicenice ;0)

It’s all well and good painting your toenails but sometimes making sure the feet look good too for that perfect pedicure makes a real difference. For the past four months I have had a foot routine which I have never done before and sadly I can’t show you the before of my feet as I never planned to review anything but I will show you what I do.

DSC_5594First step of course is to wash your feet every day with a DSC_5593moisturising soap. I have been using Dove Beauty Cream Bar for quite some time now and I feel it does make some difference compared to other soaps. Next in the shower I use a pumice stone. I purchased this double sided one from Tiger for a pound. It has a rough but soft brush on one side and the pumice stone on the other and it is one of the best things I have purchased and for such a bargain too!!! It works best damp so just dribble a bit of water on the stone and rub over your heels, you won’t need to go crazy with it. I also use the brush over  my toes and the rest of my feet. I do this everyday and it works great 😀


DSC_5595After my feet are dried I use cream. I have never used foot creams before but DSC_5591I thought I would try and make an extra effort to make my feet all nice looking so I bought a foot cream. This is the Soap and Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream, I bought it for just over £5 at Boots for a 125ml size. For the amount of product I feel it is quite expensive but I use as little as possible and it works pretty well. The instructions do tell me to use on clean feet at night and wear socks but I’m not a fan of sticky sweaty feet when sleeping :0( The cream has a scent that I can’t just place my finger on… and the cream is thick, it isn’t greasy and absorbs quite well into the skin so definitely a winner ;0)As you can see in the picture on the left my heel now looks nice and smooth, there is no flaky or old hard skin anymore.

Another part of my foot care is to moisturise my cuticles and I use a cuticle cream which I have previously made a review on, please click the link:


The Burts Bee’s Lemon butter cuticle cream is massaged on both my nails and on my cuticles on my toes and that is pretty much my foot routine done.

What my pedicure consists of: I keep my toe nails very short and I cut them as and when and file to get rid of sharp edges. I don’t often paint my toenails so they are normally just wearing Barry M Basecoat Topcoat and Nail Hardener which is a clear polish. I do enjoy very bright colours for when I’ve got open toe shoes on!;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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