Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects Review

Hey Hey!

I’d noticed quite some time ago that there was some new collection nail polishes called Long lasting nail effects. £2.99 in Superdrugs.

First Look

The bottle was short and round

The Nail Polish I tried

I have Matte Off!collection long lasting nail effects matte off nail polish







My Experience

With this nail polish I had to make sure I covered the entire nail as with the first attempt I did notice DSC_5557there was parts of shiny nail showing through. I liked how the nail polish looked over the B. Nail polish in the colour Mermaid as it gave it a different and pretty look. I did have a issue with this nail polish as I ended up with a load of dents all over my nails. Even though I had given my nails half hour drying time, sat near a fan at some point during the day and been out in the sun to do a bit of gardening. The nails were still soft as even at the very end of the day I was able to make a dent by pressing my nail down on the polish.

My Thoughts

Very disappointed with this nail polish as it was exciting to buy and had a nice effect just has a very weird drying time if it even dries at all. Still gets dents in it while doing normal day to day jobs. No chips just removing the polish and making dents.


 I would give this a 2/10. Loved the initial look of the nails and how I could change all my nail polishes from shiny to matte just a shame it doesn’t last a day. The price of this nail polish is affordable but I won’t be buying it again.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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