Essie Nail Polish Pretty Edgy Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

I have never tried Essie nail polishes before, this is my very first Essie nail polish 😀

First Look

The bottle is quite big and square like with a white lid and an Essie imprint on the bottle

The Nail Polish I triedEssie Pretty Edgy nail polish

I have Pretty Edgy (15ml)







My ExperienceEssie Pretty Edgy nails

I noticed the brush was a lot thinner then normal and I noticed that although the nail polish was opaque where the nail was staring to grow again is where I could see through the polish to the white part of the nail growing back. I also noticed that as I was applying the nail polish it seemed like it was uneven and that you could see where I had made the brush strokes.

My Thoughts

Although I like dark or bright nail polish colours this was a little bit darker then I’m used to and it does not show in photos. Brand new these nail polishes cost around £7.99, I bought mine for £7.12 online so tiny bit cheaper but still a bit expensive for me to buy nail polish. The thin brush I’m able to work with but I do prefer covering my nail in one brush stroke especially as it seems I am making uneven brush strokes.


I do like the bottle and the dark green does grow on you so I will be giving this nail polish a 4/10. I do feel it is a bit expensive, I’m not a fan of the thin brush, the unevenness and the slightly less opaqueness. I won’t be purchasing this nail polish again but I may try another colour as not all nail polishes of the same brand are the same.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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