My Nail Art: Spider Bunny?!

Spider bunny nailsHi Hi!! 😀

I thought of a very random nail art to do 😀




What you need:

Base coat

Top coat

Red nail polish

Blue nail polish

Black nail polish/ nail art pen/striper

Dotting tool

Bunny confetti 


First you need apply your base coat. I am using Barry M’s Base coat, Top coat and Nail Hardener. I applied two coats. Next paint your nails alternate colours of red and blue nail polish. I am using Collection 7 day wear Lady in red and Vera Valenti nail polish. I applied two coats of the blue nail polish.

Wait to dry!

Next using your nail art pen create a random look stained glass- webbed effect on your nails like I have done on the red nails (you can do on the blue nails too if you wish). I am Maybelline Color Show Designer nail art pen in black. There is no right way to create this effect, just go with the flow ;0)

On the blue nails we will use the bunny confetti. My bunny confetti is from Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails: Dalmation Bunny nail polish(I will do a review soon)

Using your top coat apply a layer to protect your nail art and hold the bunny confetti in place.

Tada!! Spider Bunny 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 

X x x 


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