My Nail Art!: Christmas Mix

Hi Hi!! 😀Christmas mix nails

Christmas is coming so here you go 😀


What you need:



2 Blue coloured nail polishes

White colour nail polish

Red colour nail polish

Black colour nail polish

Peach/beige colour nail polish

Orange colour nail polish

Yellow colour nail polish

Gold glitter nail polish

Glittery nail polish (green and red)

Dotting tools/nail art pen/tooth picks


First step is the basecoat. I applied two coats of Barry M Basecoat, Top Coat and Nail hardener.

Wait to dry!

Pinkie- Christmas Tree

For the pinkie finger I chose to have this represent the Christmas tree. I used Barry Ms’ Christmas Tree nail polish. Which is a glitter nail polish. See review:

Ring finger- Angel

For the ring finger I chose to do the top of an angels head. I started off with a neutral colour. I used a grey-beige kind of colour from a collection of nail polish called luniere. See link to see the nail polish, its the 5th bottle.

Wait to dry!

Next paint halfway down the nail starting from the middle using a peach-flesh coloured nail polish. I used the 2nd nail polish from the luniere nail polish link.

Now for some hair. I chose to do a blonde angel and I guess yellow is the closest ;0) Covering where you beige and peach colour meets make some hair using a dotting tool and yellow nail polish. I used Rimmels 60secs Super shine Chin up buttercup with a large dotting tool. The angel now needs a face 😀 Using a dotting tool and white nail polish create the eyes. I used the white nail polish from the Etude House Bunny Nails Dalmatian Bunny. I then used blue and black dots on her to complete her eyes. I used Hello Kitty Play Ya for blue and Rimmels 60secs Super Shine Black Out. You can even add some eyelashes. 

Last part of the angel 😀 Her halo. I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmer Shake and a dotting tool. If you have trouble with keeping it like a ring  just use a clean dotting tool to make a gap while it is wet.

Middle finger/Snowman

The middle finer is going to represent the snowman 😀 Start of with some white nail polish. I used two coats of the white nail polish from Etude House Bunny Nails Dalmatian Bunny. 

Wait to dry!

Next For some detail 😀 Using a large dotting tool and black nail polish for the eyes and mouth. I used Rimmel 60secs Super Shine Black out. Now for the carrot nose. I used a small dotting tool and Rita Ora’s Rimmel 60secs Super Shine Tangerine Tent. The best way I find is to start on the right side and drag down and then to the left and you should get a triangle carrot shape 😀

Pointer Finger/Santa

First I used the peach flesh coloured nail polish for the base. See angel nail art above. I used two coats of the peach colour from a collection of nail polish called Lumiere.

Wait to dry!

Next use a red nail polish and paint the very top of the nail like I have. I used Collection 7 Day wear Lady in Red. I then used the white nail polish from Etude House Bunny nails Dalmatian Bunny and a dotting tool to make the beard and the fur on the hat. Just dot it on to make it appear curly and “bouffy”. Using a smaller dotting tool make the eyes.

Now for some detail. Using a black nail polish and a smaller dotting tool make the dots on top of the white for the eyes and make a smile on the beard.


I thought about doing some snowflakes. I started of with a frosty looking blue colour. I used B. B. Quick Mermaid.

Wait to dry!

Next I used the white nail polish from Etude House Bunny Nails Dalmatian Bunny. I just made some star looking shapes in random places. Just do a plus shape and then a cross on top.

Tada!!! 😀 All done. I forgot to do the top coat but you can do that if you wish. Please note you can change up the colours however you want.

Share Your Thoughts! and Merry Christmas ;0)

X x x


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