Etude House Sweet Ideas Bunny Nails: Dalmatian Bunny Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

This is my first nail polish by  Etude House and it is so Cute! 😀

First Look

The nail polish arrived in a box with two nail polishes to look like a bunny face. The lids were ears and the glass of each bottle had half a bunny face to look like a rabbit when put together.

The Nail Polish I triedDSC_5733

I have Dalmatian Bunny which includes a white nail polish and a bunny and gold dots confetti.






My Experience

I have used the white nail polish which you have seen in some of my nail art tutorials and I have used the bunny nails in a nail art tutorial: The white nail polish has a very thin brush for dots or lines which is very easy to use. the bunny confetti I have been using the tips of my fingers to pick up and stick on to the nails.

My ThoughtsDSC_5735

I like both the white nail polish and the bunny confetti. I do however feel that the bunny confetti is a bit difficult as it is quite hard and doesn’t flex well, so if certain parts of your nail are very round-y it will stick out and possibly get caught on your clothes. Find the flat parts of your nails!!


I give this nail polish a 7/10 as I think it is cute, I like the idea of it and I think they are good for nail arts. I do however have a problem with the non- flexi bunny confetti not being able to do what I have done in the photo on the right an keep it all day.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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