Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Nail Polish Inner Sparkle Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

This is my second nail polish by Nicole by OPI 😀 I decided to choose another Selena Gomez nail polish, but this time its a glitter one 😀 I bought this on amazon for around £6.

First Look

The bottle is quite unusual, it look a bit like someone has pushed it to the side and it has Selena Gomez all over the handle. There are different shaped and sized glitters in pink and purple colours.

The Nail Polish I tried

I have Inner Sparkle (15ml)Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle nail polish









one coat

My Experience

I decided to use the glitter over Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez  Naturally. I applied one coat of the glitter polish, these are glitter applying coats (for me that means slightly more brush strokes) As you can see in the photo I took on the right, it gives enough sparkle to make it shiny but I wanted to cover the nail so I decided on two coats of the polish, again slightly more brush strokes to get the glitter off the brush. I liked it more with lots of glitter on it, the result is the picture below right 😀 Drying time didn’t seem much of a problem for me and I liked how the glitter was different shapes and sizes.

My ThoughtsSelena Gomez Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle nails

I definitely noticed one thing with this nail polish and that was when it dries it is very smooth, you can’t feel the roughness of the glitter or any if the bits sticking out which is nicer then a lot of other glitters. I did have a hard time removing it maybe because it was so well formed that it was able to adjust to the shape of my nails to stay put.


I would give this nail polish and 8/10 I really like this nail polish but it does take a while to remove which I haven’t had a problem with most other glitter polishes. Overall it is very pretty and I don’t think I will need to buy another bottle as I think there is a lot in this bottle to keep me going with 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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