Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hi Hi! 😀


I have been nominated for my very First award!!  😀


A Dragon one no less (Love Dragons;0))So exciting!

I have been nominated by Maitreya from Glamor Polish for the Dragon Loyalty Award. Please click the link to see her blog https://glamorpolish.wordpress.com/about/

Thank you Maitreya! 😀


There are rules apparently for this award, so here we go ;0)


Display the award on your blog- Done!

Announce your win with a post and like the person who nominated you- Done!

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers- in process (13)

Post 7 interesting things about yourself- Done!!… Now 

Hmm 7 interesting things about myself…. Ok

Number one!-I can dislocate my thumb ;0)

Number 2!- I Love all Animals except insects, I am afraid that if I am not able to glass and paper a spider I will get a vacuum out to get rid of it. (to any insects reading this yes I am a murderer and yes I am sorry)

Number 3!- I am left handed. Yep not so interesting to some but when I get out a pen people always seem to exclaim “she’s left handed!” Must be interesting 0:)

Number 4!- I enjoy sewing and have made many different kinds of plushies. As of now my collection is still growing.

Number 5!- Speaking of collections, I have 50 nail polishes which I have never had before I started blogging. I am not entirely sure if that’s a good thing. But seeing as how I watch a lot of Youtube I have noticed there are people with 2-3 racks plus drawers and cupboards full of nail polishes that are waaaay more then my shoe box full ;0)

Number 6!- I have a Furry Princess who I have trained to lay down, leave it and back up. She is still in training. We will attempt roll over and handshake soon 😀 

Number 7!- I like the number 5 because it connects to everything 😀

I nominate:

Polished by Amy

Sophie Does Nails

A More BeYOUtiful You

Ramona Crisstea

darly-lifestyle blog


Romance Novels for the Beach

Makeup Etc.


Finger Candy

Nik at Nails

Nail Bytes

Dry, Dammit!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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