Nails of the day: My First Nail Tips

Hi Hi!! 😀

I was helping out in a Nail Tech. course and sat down to have someone practice nail tips on me. I have never had a manicure before so the whole thing was a new experience. The girl told me short nails are needed for nail tips and as you know my nails are shorter then short ;0)

The girl then started off spraying my hands and hers saying that it is just to keep hands clean and protected and said I should rub it all over my hands. She started removing my cuticles first by using this cream and scraper looking tool. Then using one of her many nail buffers she proceeded to remove the shine off my nails and explained that it is needed to be done so she can stick the nail tip on. After removing my natural shine :0( she started looking for a nail tip that would fit my nail and dug in her “box of many nails”, started trying different ones on me. When the one she felt fit was found, she got out a nail polish which actually was the glue and painted it on my nail. The nail was placed less then half way on the tip of my nail and pressed firmly. She asked me what shape I wanted and what size nail as they are quite long and need to be cut down. She got out this fancy nail cutter and cut my nails a little longer then I would have liked (ALOT more then I would have liked) and said that was the size most people have them.  Getting out a nail file she made “my” nails a round shape (I asked for round)and then tried to blend the nail tip with my nail. The girl explained a machine is normally used to do this as it takes longer doing by hand but on that day a machine was not available. The first nail did not do that well and cracked and she explained that they had only just started doing nail tips a week ago. She started on my next finger and repeated the process and it seemed to fit perfectly but there was not enough to start blending the nail tip with my nail. Before I left the class I was told the removal process which was to soak in acetone/nail polish remover and use a buffer.  

First nail tips


As you can see in the photo the first nail (the pointer finger) is the blended one and the middle finger as the one that there wasn’t enough time to finish. As you can also see the pointer finger which originally cracked ,broke when I went to get my keys out of my bag when I got home and the middle finger is still intact. The girl did explain that these sort of nails are for the day and don’t last long. If a more permanent extension is wanted they would use acrylic nails. 

Even though I only had the two nails done I did find them really awkward in doing my coat up and getting changed, I almost poked the pets in the eye too :0(

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