Hello Kitty Nail Polish Review Play Ya and Whatcha

Hi Hi!! 😀

I found these on Ebay on a two for one offer (£6.00) and they have two of my favourite colours I like to wear on my nails. Blue and Green.

First Look Hello Kitty Nail polish Whatcha Hello Kitty Nail polish Play Ya

Both bottles are made of Hello Kitty’s head 😀 It has a long white handle with random colours on it.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have the blue nail polish which is called Play ya and the green nail polish called Whatcha. 10ml

My Experience

I applied one coat of each nail polish on my nails and they were pretty opaque (Yay!) The handle was easy to use as the brush quite short so no problems applying.

My Thoughts

I really like both nail polishes. The bottle is cute and the colours are very close to my favourite shades 😀 One coat of nail polish is enough to be opaque.


I give these nail polishes a 9/10 I Love both of these polishes. It’s opaque in one coat, the bottles are adorable and its HELLO KITTY :D:D Only down side is I find it hard to find similar nail polishes but the amount that is in these nail polishes should last me awhile.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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