My Nail Art: Black and White

Hi Hi! 😀Black and white nails

I thought of some kind of random design which I may have seen before I can’t remember but I liked it 😀 So here you go.

What you need:



Black nail polish

White nail polish

Dotting tools/stripers/nail art pen


First up is the base coat. I used two coats of the nail polish. I used Barry M Basecoat Top coat and Nail Hardener.

Wait to dry!

Next I painted all my nails with a black nail polish. I used Rimmel 60seconds super shine Black out.

Wait to dry!

Now for a bit of design ;0) Using a white nail polish and a striper or a nail art pen or whatever you prefer. I am using the white nail polish from Sweet Ideas Bunny nails Dalmatian Bunny.

What you need to do is start from the left bottom corner and go up in a slant to the top middle part of your nail. Then from that middle go down in a slant to the right corner, it should look like a triangle. Then go from the left top corner in a slant to the bottom middle part of your nail and then go from the middle to a slant to the right top corner and hopefully you should have something that looks like the picture. Do for all nails or just the one, what ever you like 😀

Apply your top coat and you are done.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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