Nails of the day: My First French Manicure

Hi Hi! 😀First french manicure

I helped out again at the nail course by sitting in as a girl’s client for her assessment on a French manicure.

The girl started off setting up her station placing many bottles and nail polishes and tissues on the table. She began by spraying my hands and hers to protect both our hands. She got me to sock my hands in warm water Next she started filing what littles nails I had and then applied cuticle remover and removed my cuticles. My nails were then buffed and she get out some lotion on a brush and painted both sides of my hands to my wrists. An electric pair of mitts were then brought out and covering my hands in bags placed my hands inside the mitts for up to 5mins. When the time was up  the bags and mitts were removed and she massaged the rest of the lotion into my hands and up my arms until my elbows.

The next bit was the French bit. She had a basecoat, two pinks and a white. There was an OPI pink and white and the basecoat and other pink I hadn’t heard of. She applied the basecoat, waited a bit and tried one of the pinks. The nail polish was too thin so she used two coats of the OPI pink. When the nail polish was dry she  started making a line on the tips of my nails with the white nail polish. My nails are very short and considering they were she done quite well. She tried to clean up as she went along and then applied the top coat.

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